Introduction to InGo

Before you start creating campaigns and installing InGo, it's helpful to understand how InGo works, grows your campaigns, and expands your community.

How InGo Works

Please watch this brief 2-minute video for an overview of how InGo works to grow your event attendance and expand your community.

InGo Demo

Now that you understand how InGo works, take a moment to review our InGo registration demo.

InGo Requirements

InGo installs to virtually all registration systems. The level of effort varies depending on the registration system's capabilities. 

Click here to see the general requirements to install InGo to your registration platform.

Planning Your InGo Installation

Campaign setup is easier when you plan ahead. Items you will need to complete an InGo campaign:

  • Posting graphic
  • Posting text
  • Hashtags
  • Link with UTM tracking

Got questions? Check our Frequently Asked Questions section, or email us at


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