General Requirements for Installing InGo

Installing InGo is generally as simple as copying and pasting code snippets into your registration platform.  This article will describe what is generally required for integrating InGo. This means that most installation processes will follow the steps below; however, there are some registration platforms where additional steps might be required. 

Requirements for Embedding InGo on Your Registration Platform:

  1. A landing page that is the starting point of the registration process
  2. Separate registration form page - for data collection 
  3. Confirmation / "thank you" page 
- The majority of registration flows adhere to this pattern. InGo requires this specific journey in order to function correctly.
  • Can you embed HTML code to the content area of all of the above pages? 
    • Yes! - Great, InGo should be easily installed on your site in just a few minutes.   
    • Maybe or unsure? - Contact for assessment.
    • No. - InGo might still be installed with possible workarounds, contact for help. 

If you have any questions or doubts, please contact