InGo Onboarding - Start Here

Thanks for choosing InGo! We're excited to be working with you to skyrocket your various marketing campaigns.

Our onboarding tutorial is broken into bite-sized bits that will help you get started quickly, or if you’re re-starting to use InGo, it will help you get reacquainted with common tasks, terminology, etc. 

Please watch this 4-minute video for an overview of our onboarding process.

As you saw in the video, in this tutorial, we will walk you through the following steps:

  1. Creating Campaigns
    1. Introduction to InGo
    2. Logging in to InGo
    3. Creating InGo Campaigns
  2. Empowering VIPs
    1. Updating post creatives, copy, etc.
    2. Getting your VIPs promote your experience
    3. Optimising Registration Journeys for InGo
  3. Empowering Registrants
    1. Installing InGo widgets to your Registration Site
    2. Understanding best practices for testing
  4. Monitoring & Growing
    1. Monitoring your InGo results
    2. Understanding best practices for growth
    3. Scheduling  weekly performance check-ins

Ready to get started?
Got questions?  Check our Frequently Asked Questions section, or email us at