Installing an InGo Widget

This article describes the general process to install your InGo widgets into your platform. For help locating your code snippets, please see our article on Locating Your Widget Scripts.

Once your scripts are generated, it is as easy as copy and pasting these snippets onto your event platform to install your widgets.


The general format for installing your widgets for most events is:

  • Install the Login Widget at the beginning of your registration process or prior to reaching your registration form. 
  • Install the Registration Widget on the page(s) where your registration form lives.
  • Install both the Confirmation and the Social Widget at the end of your registration process, most often on a "Thank You" type page.

Once you have copied and pasted your widget scripts into your platform, make sure you Test Your InGo Installation to ensure everything is set up correctly prior to your event's launch.


Please contact with any questions.