Test Your InGo Installation

Testing your InGo installation is essential to maximising reach and value from your InGo campaigns.

And it's easy!  You'll know in just a few minutes if all has been set up correctly.


Testing InGo is as Easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Perform two test registrations
    • one using your LinkedIn profile
    • one using "email only" (no social accounts
  2. Wait 2 minutes
  3. Check the InGo Members Report for the event and ensure that both registrations have completed successfully & correctly:
    • both registrant records are present
    • both records have correct registration details - name, job title, etc.
    • the social registrant has a post in their social feed

If your test registrations successfully pass all items in the checklist, then InGo has been set up correctly for this event.  



If your results did not match the expected results, please check the following troubleshooting tips. 

All InGo registration traffic must flow through all four InGo widgets for InGo to function properly,

  • Widgets not appearing 
    • Ask your installer to confirm that all widgets have been installed correctly according to the instructions received when the event was created (note that the registration and confirmation widgets have no visible UI)
  • Auto-fill is not working - First Name, Last Name, Email, Company Name, Job Title
    • Are all widget IDs correct for the event?  (compare on-page widget IDs with widget ID lists in Admin -> Widgets
    • Ask your developer to confirm that the registration form data fields have been mapped correctly to the registration widget
  • Social posts not appearing
    • Have you registered previously using the same social login?  The social network may be preventing duplicate content posting
    • Are all widget IDs correct for the event?  (compare on-page widget IDs with widget ID lists in Admin -> Widgets
    • Did you un-tick the permission box for social posting?
  • Registrants not appearing in report
    • Were the login and confirmation widgets installed correctly?
    • Was the registration widget mapped correctly to the registration form fields?
  • Any other issues - email us at support@ingo.me with the following details:
    • description of the issue(s) observed
    • any error messages appearing
    • steps to reproduce the issue you are reporting (including any specific data to be entered during the reg process)
    • loom videos or screen grabs of the issue where possible