Understanding Generic Scripts

This article will serve as an general overview for each type of Generic Script and their use cases. 

Generic-type scripts offer default behavior for InGo to work out-of-the-box with your event platform without any additional integration required. If the platform for your event does require a specific installation method, please refer to your platform's dedicated article on our Platform-Specific Installations page.

For information on configuring your Generic Scripts, please see our configuration article on the topic.

Generic Script-only

These code snippets are each a single line of code that can be copied and pasted into your event platform. These are best for events where a majority of the configuration will be done through InGo admin.

See Configuration Options


Generic Manual

These code snippets come in pairs for each type of widget and will be a bit more code than the Script-only option. For each widget type, both scripts will be required for the widget to appear and/or function correctly.

Generic Manual scripts are best for events where customization will occur on the event platform and not through InGo admin.

See Configuration Options


Generic iFRAME

These code snippets are also single lines of code, however these load as iframes (inline-frames) within your event platform. iFrames act as a "page within a page", which allows content to appear on your webpage that may not normally be able to display based on other code running in the background. 

These types of scripts are best for when Generic Script-only snippets may not be loading on your event platform.

See Configuration Options


Generic Mini-Funnel

A "mini-funnel" through InGo is when a portion, but not all, of the widgets are installed within your event platform. For this type of installation, the Confirmation and Social Widgets are always included, the Registration Widget (autofill functionality for forms) is sometimes included, and the Login Widget is never included.

See Configuration Options



Please contact support@ingo.me with any questions.