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Cvent Installation

Use this process if you have multiple Cvent registration paths.  You can use the same InGo "Registrants" widgets for all Cvent registration paths; just ensure to use the correct redirect URL for the Login Widget.

Before You Start Cvent Readiness
Create / Update Event Campaign

From Create Event (Edit Event Details or existing events): 

  • Select "Other" or "Registration Platform" under the "Registration Platform" list; do not select Cvent


Embed Widgets 

Below is a quick guide showing how and where to find the InGo scripts for CVENT installation. 

chrome-capture-2023-4-3 (1)

Rules and additional notes:

- Login Widget

For Cvent langing pages:

  • Use Cvent Code Snippets to embed the Login Widget
  • Remove all other Cvent "Register" buttons, or any other CVENT buttons that allow registrants to proceed to the next page in a registration flow
  • Remove the Register button from the header template (How do I remove the Register button?)
  • Login Widget script must be updated, with a URL of the next page in the registration flow that will be used for redirection. Below is the template script with a "dummy" URL for redirection

    <script src="https://cdn.ingo.me/widgets/UNIQE-LOGIN-WIDGET-ID.js" data-ingo-breakout="true" data-ingo-manual="##-REDIRECT-URL-##"></script>

    - simply, replace the following part: ##-REDIRECT-URL-## with an actual URL of the very next page in your registration flow. 
- Registration Widget

The registration widget is not required for Cvent events. 

- Social & Confirmation Widget

Use Cvent Code Snippets to embed a Social Widget and Confirmation Widget to your Confirmation Page and each Post-Registration page (e.g. Pending Approval).


    Please, contact support@ingo.me if you have any questions or troubles with the installation process.