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Installing InGo to RegFox

Installing InGo Widgets to RegFox

To install InGo on RegFox, follow the steps below.



  • An external landing page (not in RegFox) in a CMS that supports embedding of HTML <script> tags and execution of JavaScript
  • A new Google Tag Manager container
  • An InGo campaign, created

Step 1: Add the Login Widget to the welcome page (outside of RegFox)

  1. Login into the InGo admin: https://admin.ingo.me/login using your credentials.
  2. Select your event campaign and click on the Install Widgets option to copy the Login Widget code snippet.

    Screen Recording 2022-04-05 at 04.32.26 PM-1

  3. Paste the code snippet at the starting point of your registration flow (welcome page).
  4. Replace the http://www.insert_your_next_page_where_users_should_land.com with the URL of the next page in your registration flow: presumably the RegFox page.

    Important: All registration traffic must flow through the Login Widget; remove additional "Register" links or buttons from the page where Login Widget is installed.

Step 2: Add Confirmation and Social Widget to Google Tag Manager

  1. Open your Google Tag Manager and go under All accounts.
  2. Click on the "Create Account" button, name your Account and Container, and select "Web" as a target platform.
    - When you already have an account: click on the kebab menu (three dots icon) and select "Create Container" (screenshot example below). A new container should be created per each event. 

  3. After creating the container, you'll get a pop-up "Install Google Tag Manager" window which should be ignored
  4. Copy the Confirmation and Social Widget code snippets from the InGo admin.
  5. Back to Google Tag Manager, create a new Custom HTML tag, and paste code snippets to the tag.
  6. Create a trigger for your tag and set firing to page URL that contains "/receipt".
  7. Important: Save and publish 

    This video shows creating a tag and trigger, as well as the submission process:

Step 3: Activate Google Tag Manager on your RegFox event

  1. Go to your Google Tag Manager Workspace and copy the Google Tag Manager Container ID
  2. Open RegFox, go under Settings for your event and select "Tracking" to enable Google Tag Manager. Then, Save and Publish the change. 

    Screen Recording 2022-04-05 at 06.23.31 PM

That's it, you've installed InGo!


Please contact support@ingo.me with any questions.