Map the registration widget

After successful widgets installation, you need to map your Registration Widget settings to your registration form fields as a final step.  


It's a crucial part of your setup and enables the following: 


1. Autofilling social profile data on the registration form - only via social signup 

2. Correct track of registrants within the dashboard report


This should be done either by using the CSS ID selector (syntax is #) e.g. #ff_5_firstname or Name Attribute selector [name=""] e.g. [name="FirstName"] -> if it's not working with double quotes then use the following: [name='FirstName']


Here's an example of the mapped widget: 



Mapping the Registration Widget

Please follow the steps below:


1. Inspect elements of your web page - right-click on the registration form field and select Inspect, then copy the name or id of that specific field

2. Go to Widget Configuration of your event in the InGo dashboard, select to edit the Registration Widget, and then paste the copied value to selector fields using the appropriate selectors mentioned above.

- Repeat the same steps for each field. 


Note: for the first step we suggest using the Google Chrome web browser

Please contact with any questions.