Posting Text Best Practices

As with all marketing campaigns, getting the language and message right is vital to the success of your campaign; it can literally make or break it. As a rule of thumb, keep your graphics simple and to the point, but here are some others tips to enhancing your posting text:

  • Always include the following:
    • “I’m excited/attending/speaking/exhibiting/participating in [event]”
    • Different groups of people will use different verbs. For example - speaker posts should say "I'm speaking".
    • A short description of your event - generally a short paragraph is sufficient.
    • Location
    • Date(s)
    • Clear call to action e.g. “Join me”, “Register”, etc.
    • Hashtag(s) - A general rule of thumb is no more than six hashtags, but you can include as many as you would like.
  • You can also add emojis
  • Often a "question" of some kind can be enticing for your audience. Example: "Will you join me at [event]?"
  • The text can be updated/changed any time, directly through the InGo Dashboard. Update the text to emphasize early bird pricing, big name speaker announcements or other news regarding your event.

Some questions to consider before you post:

  • Is your message concise, easy to understand and compelling? Would someone without any context be able to understand who should attend?
  • Would you respond/comment/like? Are you being enticed via a call-to-action?
  • Do you have all the information needed? (Location, date, name and/or title, etc.)
  • Did you develop different messages for your different audiences? Registrant pathways in InGo allow you to develop different MyShare and installed experiences for your various audiences. Check out our article on creating different registration pathways for more information.

See some examples below.

Registrant posting text examples