Incentive Campaign Creative Best Practices

Incentivizing your community members to promote your event, webinar, content, whitepaper, case study, or award program on social media on your behalf is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to generate buzz. On top of stimulating impressions and clicks, it also increases retention. According to studies, 75% of consumers say they are likely to make another purchase after receiving an incentive. As a rule of thumb, make the incentive relevant to your community and keep the messaging simple and to the point, but here are some more detailed tips to optimize your InGo incentive campaigns:

  • Think about what would motivate your community members. Are your members sustainability focused? Will they be motivated by speaking or sponsorship opportunities?
  • The more engaging your graphic and message the more people will want to post, like, click and comment on it.
  • The graphic itself is a hyperlink to your site so don’t hesitate to include call to action e.g. “Join me” or “Get your free pass now”, even in button form. The entire image is a button, but they won't always know that. Make it easy for them to follow!
  • The graphic & posting text can be updated/changed any time, directly through the InGo Dashboard. Do this to emphasize early bird pricing, big name speaker announcements, etc.

Some great incentive ideas:

  • Tree-planting Incentive - you register, we plant
  • Lunch with a Speaker/Celebrity
  • VIP Pass at the Event
  • Amazon Gift Card or Cash Gift 
  • Industry-Relevant Giveaway 
  • Free trip to a Sister Show
  • Free pass to the event

Incentive ideas - in practice

Use the below template as a guide to where to leave space for the headshot and name, in case you want to have that.