Social Invitations (Personal Invites)


InGo Social Invitations are personalised messages sent from empowered users (e.g. registrants, speakers, etc.) to their connections from an InGo widget via email.  


Setting Up

Customise your social invitation (Personal Invite) subject line and body text:

  • when creating your InGo campaign
  • at any time after - Event Campaign Page -> Registration Path -> Edit -> Social Posts & Invites


Your social users can invite their connections.  

  • Registrants - on the confirmation page of the registration flow
  • MyShare users (speakers, sponsors, etc) - after posting to their network

When choosing from the drop down list for invitees, see below:

  • When a user clicks to add more (invite a specific connection and search for it), they can see the list of connections that have been loaded to the widget. Initially, the widget only loads 75 connections.
  • When the user types something into the text box, the system tries to find the connection from that list of loaded 75 connections
  • If after typing, the user presses Enter (return) on their keyboard, the system will try to find connections based on entered text from the full list of connections in the Data Base (not from the 75 loaded)
  • If user doesn't type anything, but starts scrolling the list, when he/she reaches the last loaded connection, the system will try to load the next chunk of 75 connections (so the total number of loaded connection will be 150, 225 etc.)


InGo will send emails on behalf of the InGo user to the selected invitees.