Configure the Login Widget as a PopUp

This procedure displays the Login Widget as a modal pop-up on a form page.

Use this procedure when the Login Widget cannot be displayed on its own landing page in advance of the registration form.  

Configure the Login Widget Settings in InGo Admin

  1. Widgets -> (select Login Widget) -> Edit -> Display
  2. Tick the boxes for the following settings as per the image below:
    • Run widget as a dialog
    • Disable dialog close
    • Auto open dialog
  3. Save


Configure the Login Widget Redirection URL Setting 

In the Login Widget embed snippet, ensure the "data-ingo-redirect" URL value has a query string parameter appended - "disable-login-widget-popup=true".  This setting will allow the form page to re-render with the pop-up suppressed so that the form can be filled out.  Example: 

<script src="" 

Embedding on a Form Page

Pop-up Login Widgets can be embedded on registration form pages with the Registration Widget in situations where it's not possible to embed the Login Widget on a preceding page.  Embed both the Login Widget and the Registration widget below the ending </form> tag on the page.


Always test your InGo setup.  In addition to the standard testing procedure, ensure in this case that:

  • the Login Widget pops up as expected
  • If redirecting to the same page, the Login Widget doesn't pop up again
  • autofill works as usual for social registrations