How do I increase my social adoption (advocates) for my event?

Our advocacy rate benchmark across events is around 20%, with some events seeing over 40%.  

If your event is seeing fewer than 20% social adoption (advocates are < 20% of members), what can you do to improve performance?  


1. Fix your leaks

If your InGo funnel is not set up correctly for your event, you may have a "leak" where the InGo Login Widget is not seeing some amount of your registration traffic.

Ensure that 100% of your event registration traffic flows through all four InGo Widgets.


2. Improve the call to action 

Replace or enhace the default calls to action (CTA) with something that is more meaningful to your attendees.  Did you know that all text on our widgets can be changed in InGo Admin?

Replace the "Register Socially" widget heading and "Register" button text with something more meaningful for your registrants. 


3. List the benefits 

Add some bullet points close to the Login Widget explaining the benefits of first connecting their social accounts to the registration process.


Specify the benefits of registering with social.


4. Use only LinkedIn 

Less is more! Offering multiple social network options can be overwhelming for users wanting to register quickly without having to think about the best option for social amplification.

Offering only LinkedIn has been proven to increase social adoption for B2B events. 


5. De-emphasise the non-social option

The "register by email" link is easily converted to a button through a box tick in InGo Admin, however doing so gives the impression that "email only" offers equal benefits to social, which is not the case.

Use the default "Register using email" link to place prominence on social adoption.


6. Test your event

Test your event (< 5 minues) to ensure that InGo is installed and configured correctly.  Events not configured correctly will limit InGo effectiveness and lower your return on investment.

Always test your events before going live with registration.