Empowering Speakers, Sponsors, Exhibitors, VIPs with MyShare

Watch this short video to understand how to empower your Speakers, Sponsors, Exhibitors, VIPs with MyShare, that is, how to encourage them to promote your experience. Alternatively, read through the individual steps below. 

Please note that this process should take less than five minutes to complete. 

  • Log in to InGo Admin, then select the event for which you want to create a MyShare campaign
  • Click on “Create new registration path” and enter the details for this registration path:
  • What kind of participant? Choose “Speaker/Sponsor/Exhibitor/Other” from the drop-down menu
  • Path name: will be automatically filled in, edit if you wish
  • Template use: choose from the four options
  • Social Networks for Registration: select the social media platforms you wish to use. InGo recommends LinkedIn for B2B events, and no more than 3 choices for any campaign
    • Social Post: is the default text that appears for social posts automatically made by speakers/sponsors/exhibitors/VIPs; must include <Conference URL> placeholder. InGo recommends including campaign name, date, location, and call to action
    • Personal invite test: is the default text that appears in personal invitations sent by speakers/sponsors/exhibitors/VIPs; must include <Conference URL> placeholder
    • Subject line text: is the default subject line text for personal invitations sent by speakers/sponsors/exhibitors/VIPs
    • Social post graphic: is the posting graphic that appears for social posts made by speakers/sponsors/exhibitors/VIPs. The graphic you upload must be 1200 x 628px, jpg|png|gif, < 1MB
    • Post and Invite Target URL: is the URL you want to direct registrants to, normally it will be your registration page. InGo recommends adding UTM parameters to the link
    • Preview your social posts & personalized invites
    • Click "Save", then…

That’s it! Your MyShare campaign is set up. It’s time to see how you can get the links for these pathways.

  • On your campaign dashboard, see the registration path you just created (speaker/sponsor/exhibitor/VIP/other)
  • Click “View Links” on the right hand side
  • Click the copy button for the “LinkedIn Link for Your Emails”
  • Now, you can share the link with your speakers/sponsors/exhibitors/VIPs

Have any questions? Feel free to reach out to support@ingo.me