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Experient Installation


Installing InGo on Experient is a straightforward process. Please follow the instructions below.

Testing CC Information

  • Use this card when testing Experient events
  • Test Credit Card info: 4111111111111111
  • Exp date: 12/17
  • CCV Code: Any 3 digits

If the social images in the Amplifier widget are not showing up, have Experient add the following exceptions to the their site's security policy: 






These widgets will go on particular pages within the Experient system. They are as follows:

1.) Activator Widget - Place at the start of your flow, above the fold and clearly visible in the <body>

<script src="//cdn.ingo.me/widgets-loader/latest/js/ingo.loader.widget.js" data-ingo-id="INSERT_YOUR_ACTIVATOR_WIDGET_HERE" data-ingo-manual="http://www.insert_your_next_page_here.com"></script>

2.) Autofiller Widget - Place on Page 2 of your registration flow, or wherever you need auto-completion to occur in the <body>.

<script src="//cdn.ingo.me/widgets-loader/latest/js/ingo.loader.widget.js" data-ingo-id="INSERT_YOUR_AUTOFILLER_WIDGET_HERE"></script>

3.) Amplifier Widget - Place at the end of your flow with the Confirmation above the fold in the <body>

<script src="//cdn.ingo.me/widgets-loader/latest/js/ingo.loader.widget.js" data-ingo-id="INSERT_YOUR_AMPLIFIER_WIDGET_HERE"></script>

4.) Authorizer Widget - Place at the end of your flow with the Amplifier Widget above the fold in the <body>

<script src="//cdn.ingo.me/widgets-loader/latest/js/ingo.loader.widget.js" data-ingo-id="INSERT_YOUR_AUTHORIZER_WIDGET_HERE"
data-ingo-attendee.external-registration-id="Experient_badge/registrant/unique_ID_param"> </script>