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Installing InGo to Cvent with External Landing Page

Use Cvent registration, and a landing page outside of Cvent (e.g. WordPress)


Embed the InGo Login Widget to the external landing page

From the InGo event campaign dashboard:

  • Find the Registrants (or Attendees) registration path and click Install Widgets
  • Copy the Login Widget HTML embed snippet
  • Paste the snippet into the landing page HTML where the Login Widget should be rendered
    • Repeat 
  • Don't forget to update the 'data-ingo-manual' with the URL of the next page in the registration flow (usually the first Cvent form page)

Do not embed the Registration Widget

The registration widget is not required for Cvent events. The "autofill" feature is taken care by our integration.


Embed the Social & Confirmation Widgets

Use to embed a Social Widget and Confirmation Widget to your Confirmation Page and each Post-Registration page (e.g. Pending Approval).

Important - use the template below and not the embed codes from InGo Admin. 

  • Embed the Confirmation Widget using the following template
    • replace the placeholder with the Confirmation Widget ID and Social Widget ID
<script src="https://cdn.ingo.me/widgets/##-CONFIRMATION-WIDGET-UNIQUE-ID-##.js"
data-ingo-attendee.first-name="{[C-FIRST NAME]}"
data-ingo-attendee.last-name="{[C-LAST NAME]}"
data-ingo-attendee.external-registration-id="{[C-Last Transaction ID]}"

<script src="https://cdn.ingo.me/widgets/##-SOCIAL-WIDGET-UNIQUE-ID-##.js"></script>

Cvent 3

Finally, Test Your Event

InGo requires testing of all events prior to launch using this process.  Contact support@ingo.me if you have any testing issues that you cannot resolve.