Creating a new InGo event campaign

- Complete guide for creating a new InGo event campaign

Ignore the long description; this process should take less than five minutes to complete. 

  • Log in to InGo Admin, then click Create New Event from the Events Dashboard
  • Enter your Event Details:
    • Event name
    • Community name: in most cases, it's the name of your company
    • Event start and end date (NOT the campaign start & end dates)
    • Event URL: the URL for the landing page for your event registration
    • Invitation Targeting Keywords: combination of industry names, job titles, and topics, used to influence display order of social connections for personal invitations
    • Email (and landing page) header: 600 x 200px, jpg|png|gif, < 1MB (examples)
    • Registration platform: only required if your registration platform is one of: Bizzabo, Cvent, CSI, Zoom, GoToWebinar, BigMarker, On24
    • Click "Continue", then...
  • Configure your Attendee (primary) Registration Path
    • Social networks: recommend LinkedIn for B2B events, and no more than 3 choices for any event
    • Social post text: default text that appears for social posts automatically made by attendees; must include <Conference URL> placeholder
    • Personal invite test: default text that appears in personal invitations sent by attendees; must include <Conference URL> placeholder
    • Subject line text: default subject line text for personal invitations sent by attendees
    • Social post graphic: 1200 x 628px, jpg|png|gif, < 1MB (examples)
    • Preview your social posts & personalised invites
    • Click "Continue", then...
  • Schedule your automated emails
    • InGo can send two types of automated emails
      • Attendee engagement: notifies attendees when their social connections register and encourages them to invite more
      • Community engagement: notifies attendees of past events when their social connections reguster for upcoming events
    • The email scheduler controls both emails; no need to schedule each separately
    • Use the default schedule or select your own dates
    • Click "Continue", then...
  • Get your Widget Codes
    • Use the handy Send tool to email the codes to your installer, or
    • Get them anytime later on from InGo Admin
    • Click "Continue", then...

That's it!  Your new event campaign is set up.  Time to embed your widgets!


If you have any questions or run into problems, please email