How InGo Works


"Where do the InGo widgets go?" is a frequently asked question.  The diagram and detail below aim to provide clarity on how InGo works to grow your events and communities.


In order for InGo to work properly and deliver results, InGo widgets must be installed in a specific way in your registration flow... the "InGo Funnel". 



Installations that do not conform to our installation instructions and standard practices are considered broken and will most certainly not demonstrate growth to your events and communities.  


InGo widget placement in the registration flow is as follows.


What if I cannot place widgets as per these guidelines?

Most off-the-shelf and bespoke registration software platforms can easily accommodate InGo registration flow and installation requirements.  If your registration platform or registration flow design is unable to accommodate, no problem!   In most such cases, InGo can provide a custom installation process tailored to your needs for an extra cost.