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Installing InGo to Cvent

Follow the outlined steps for Cvent installation


Before You Start:

1. Find Widget installation codes for your campaign

- Open a specific campaign in the InGo admin for which you would like to install InGo. The video below shows how to get the installation codes. 


Screen Recording 2022-11-02 at 04.22.56 PM

*Note: the codes in the following steps below are just a template, without Widget IDs and these can't work for your installation. Make sure to get the codes by following the steps shown in the video above. 


2. Embed the Login Widget

- Embed the Login widget ( on all event landing pages; can be in Cvent or in an external website or CMS.

- For Cvent landing pages:

  • Use Cvent Code Snippets to embed the Login Widget
  • Remove all other Cvent "Register Now" buttons
  • Remove the Register Now button from the header template (How do I remove the Register button?)
  • Embed the Login Widget script code from InGo Admin
    • below is a Login Widget code template without the actual Widget ID
    • replace the ##-REDIRECT-URL-## part with a URL of the next page in the registration flow
    • <script src="https://cdn.ingo.me/widgets/##-LOGIN-WIDGET-UNIQUE-ID-##.js" data-ingo-breakout="true" data-ingo-manual="##-REDIRECT-URL-##"></script>

Cvent 1


3. Registration Widget

The registration widget is not required for Cvent events. The "autofill" feature is taken care by our integration.


4. Embed Social & Confirmation Widget

Use Cvent Code Snippets to embed a Social Widget and Confirmation Widget to your Confirmation Page and each Post-Registration page (e.g. Pending Approval).

  • Embed the Social Widget script code from InGo Admin
  • Embed the Confirmation Widget script code from InGo Admin
    • below is a code template without widget IDs
<script src="https://cdn.ingo.me/widgets/##-CONFIRMATION-WIDGET-UNIQUE-ID-##.js"
data-ingo-attendee.first-name="{[C-FIRST NAME]}"
data-ingo-attendee.last-name="{[C-LAST NAME]}"
data-ingo-attendee.external-registration-id="{[C-Last Transaction ID]}"

<script src="https://cdn.ingo.me/widgets/##-SOCIAL-WIDGET-UNIQUE-ID-##.js"></script>

Cvent 3

5. Remove or update all leaks on the website

- Make sure you don't have any leaks. By "leak" we're referring to all CTAs that allow registrants to register without going through the InGo Login Widget as a starting point of the registration flow. 

Please contact support@ingo.me with any questions you have.