Empower your registrants to connect and invite

Embed InGo widgets into your event registration flow and empower your registrants to post their attendance to their social feed and invite their connections. 


Before you start...

Empower Your Registrants

Once you've created an event campaign, from your event dashboard, Locate the Registration Paths section, find the line for Attendee, and click "Install Widgets".   


The page has a dropdown for "Select Installation Type"; unless directed otherwise, use "Script-only Installation".



Embed the Widget Code Snippets

Login (Activator): place this at the start of your registration

<script src="https://cdn.ingo.me/widgets/##-UNIQUE-WIDGET-CODE-##.js"

Important -

  • All registration traffic must flow through the Login Widget for InGo to work correctly; this included all "Register Now" or similar calls to action from websites and emails 

Registration (Autofiller): place this on the registration form page where personal details are entered

<script src="https://cdn.ingo.me/widgets/##-UNIQUE-WIDGET-CODE-##.js"></script> 

Social (Amplifier): paste this to the registration confirmation page

<script src="https://cdn.ingo.me/widgets/##-UNIQUE-WIDGET-CODE-##.js"></script>

Confirmation (Authorizer): paste this to the registration confirmation page

<script src="https://cdn.ingo.me/widgets/##-UNIQUE-WIDGET-CODE-##.js"></script>

Note: the confirmation widget has no visible UI; its purpose is to notify InGo that the registrant has been successfully confirmed.


Configure Widgets

Next, add the required configuration settings for the Login Widget and the Registration Widget

  • Login Widget - The value for data-ingo-manual should be set to the next page URL in the registration flow. Most likely your personal details form page
  • Registration Widget - map the widget settings to your registration form fields (first name, last name, email address, company name, job title) in order to enable auto-filling.  Use any valid and unique CSS/query selector e.g. [name*='first-name']. 
Test & Launch

After installing your widgets, always test your event to ensure InGo widgets are working properly.  Once all tests have passed, you are clear for launch!


It's that simple!  Please contact support@ingo.me with any questions.