How to Default the Login Widget Permissions Options to Unchecked

The permissions boxes on the Login (Authorizer) Widget are set to "checked" by default for each new event created, as per the image below.


If you would like to set one or both of these to be unchecked by default for your event, this behavior is achievable in InGo Admin using the procedure below.


Please note that defaulting these boxes to "unchecked" will likely have a negative impact on engagement and results. We recommend keeping the default value unless absolutely necessary.


From your Events Dashboard
  • Click into your event
  • Click "Widgets"
  • Click "Edit" on the line for your Login widget(s) - you'll need to repeat this + all steps below if you have multiple login widgets for your event
  • Click the Permissions tab
  • Untick "Default value for allow to notify permission" to change "Let people know I'm going to the event" to unchecked; this will disable auto-posting your attendance to your social profile
  • Untick "Default value for allow to identify permission" to change "Notify me when my contacts register"; this will disable email notifications when people in your network register for the event
  • Click the Save button


Please contact with any questions you may have about this process.