GoToWebinar Integration

To set up a GoToWebinar Integration, you will need to follow three steps:

  1. Create an OAuth client for your GoTo account
  2. Obtain an Authorization Code
  3. Get your webinar ID from GoToWebinar

Create an OAuth Client

To create an OAuth Client for your GoTo account, you should follow the instructions listed at this URL. Be sure to copy your Client ID and Client Secret into a text editor, and mark down the URL you listed as your redirect URL.

Obtain an Authorization Code

To get your authorization code, you should follow the steps at this URL up until the section called Obtain an access token. When you log into your GoTo account, it will redirect you to the Redirect URL in the URL you constructed following the instructions from GoTo. At the end of the URL will be ?code=XXXXXXXXX, you will want to store everything after code= in your text editor with the ID, Secret, and redirect URL.

Getting your Webinar ID

  1. In the GoToWebinar Dashboard, open the scheduled webinar.
  2. On the Event Details page, scroll down and open the Share Event section.
  3. Your Webinar ID is listed under the Registration URL.

Configuring the Integration in InGo

At this point, you have everything you need to configure your GoToWebinar integration. At this point you should have the following:

  • Client ID
  • Client Secret
  • Redirect URL
  • Access Code (Authorization Code)
  • Webinar ID

When you save the integration (or continue to the second page of event creation), the Refresh Token will automatically be generated by the InGo application.


And that's it! When you go to build your registration pages with the InGo page builder, your form will be pre-configured with the fields as dictated in GoToWebinar.