Configuring a BigMarker Webinar Integration

While setting up your event in InGo's Admin, you will have the opportunity to configure an integration for a webinar. Below are the instructions for configuring the integration for a BigMarker Webinar registration.


Update: Integrations are now managed via the "Edit Event Details" page, there is no longer an "Integrations" page within events.


To configure a BigMarker webinar, you’ll need the following:

  • BigMarker login details
  • BigMarker Webinar ID

BigMarker simply allows you to get your API credentials using the email and password to log into your account. This will ensure that your API token is always up to date and valid when we push registrants to your system. To obtain your webinar ID, navigate to your BigMarker webinar, and the ID will be listed next to the date and time of your webinar.