Going Live Checklist with InGo Registration for your webinars

Going live with InGo Registration for your webinars

This article will cover the steps you need to take to set up registration via InGo for your webinars on Zoom, On24, or BigMarker.

Add the event to the InGo System by either:

  • Filling out the Getting Started Form (Sent by your Account Manager) OR Cloning an existing event in InGo Admin

Connect your webinar to your InGo Event:

  • Get your API Credentials for your webinar platform
  • Get your webinar ID from your webinar platform
  • Submit your webinar information to InGo Integrations (Event Dashboard > Event > Integrations)

Build your registration pages (Event > Event Dashboard > Page Layouts)

  • Build the Confirmation (Attendee Type) page
  • Build the Personal Details (Form Type) page
    • Add the form questions from your webinar platform to your form
  • Build the Start (Login Type) page
  • Custom brand your pages for your event
  • Add custom analytics, pixels, and Tag Manager containers under “Advanced Settings”

Redirect your InGo posts to your new registration pages

  • Copy your Start Page URL from the “Page Layout” table
  • Test registration (use an email not associated with the webinar, as most platforms do not allow the webinar host account to be a registrant)
  • Update Social Post and Invite URLs to point to new registration page (Event Dashboard > Event > Social Posts and Invites)
  • Send users to your new registration page!