Using the InGo Page Builder


This article will serve as an FAQ and outline of the process for building a page in the InGo page builder. We will detail the different types of components and the standard use of each.

This video walks through a basic overview of the page builder being used:

For information on setting up integrations and building registration flows, click here

Methods of Interaction

  • Edit things
    • Update the configuration of elements, change images, update text, and format text
  • Add things
    • Add new elements to the page
  • Move things
    • Reorder elements on the page
  • Resize things
    • Change the number of columns wide an element is. Every row of content is 12 columns wide.
  • Preview result
    • Take away toolbars and see a quick preview of the page as you’ve designed it.

Basic Components

  • Text
    • Add text, including headers, bullet lists, numbered lists, and other standard formatted texts
  • Spacer
    • Create vertical and horizontal space between elements. Height can be changed, width is set in the “Resize Things” section.
  • Image
    • Add an image to the page. The image can be either uploaded from your device or a source URL for the image can be provided from an external source
  • Divider
    • Create a thin horizontal line to give a visual divide between sections of a page
  • Countdown timer
    • Add a timer to the page, counting down to the end of your promotion or the start time of your event.
  • Background
    • Create a section with a different background color or background image from the rest of the page. This element should have other elements moved inside of it and will expand to fit the elements you create within it.

InGo Components

    • Login Widget
      • Add an InGo Login Widget to the page where users can authenticate their social network and then be redirected to another page.
      • The redirect URL can be to an external custom URL or another InGo custom page
    • Social Widget
      • Add an InGo Social Widget to the page where users can see who else has registered for the event, invite connections, and post to their network
    • Confirmation Widget
      • Add an InGo Confirmation Widget in conjunction with the Social Widget if you would like to have users landing on this page from an InGo Login Widget be added to “Who’s Going” and confirmed as registrants in the InGo system


  • Note: If a user has already registered using InGo for your event, it will not create a duplicate record or re-post to the users network


  • Form
    • Add a registration form to the page. Exclusively designed for use in conjunction with the Integrations configuration when setting up InGo as your registration platform for your webinars.
    • Choose fields that map to the standard fields in Zoom or On24
    • When configured with Integrations, users will be registered for the webinar on the confirmation page.


Now you should be ready to create pages and drive even more event growth through InGo!