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Generating social buttons for use in your email campaigns

This article will serve as an overview for creating social buttons to promote InGo in your email marketing campaigns.

Accessing Social Buttons in InGo Admin

From your specific event’s dashboard, there is a button labeled “Social Emails”, right next to the “Widgets” button.


From there, you should be taken to this page:


You should select the “Buttons for Share on Social Network” tab at the top.


Creating Your Buttons

To start, select the social networks you would like to create buttons for.  *Note*: It’s important to select networks that are also being used on your social widget. 

You will then select the Amplifier (Social) widget and Authorizer (Confirmation) widget you would like to map the buttons to from a drop down. Click “re-generate”, and you should see your buttons appear.


Using Your Buttons

Once your buttons are generated, you can simply use copy / paste to copy the rendered buttons from InGo Admin and paste them into your website, email, or HTML-ready template. 


Retrieving the HTML

If you need the underlying HTML, just click the HTML tab and copy/paste the HTML that is there. This HTML can be dropped directly into an email.

You can customize the buttons at all (text, styling, etc.), but be sure to keep the href of the <a> tag untouched. As long as those links stay the same, you can change any styling however you want.



If you have any issues or questions creating social buttons, please email support@ingo.me.