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How to upload data into "Confirm Attendees" section of Admin

If you need to upload a list to confirm additional registrants and Acquisitions (Influenced), please follow the below steps.

1. Navigate to the event you wish to add registrants to, and click the "Confirm Attendees" box. 

2. Upload your file, which must be a .csv file.

  • Unless your file fits into one of the edge cases which requires it (very rare), do not change the settings "Delimeter," "Line ending," or "Quote character."
  • If your file has header names, select "Has header."
  • Before uploading your file it is critical that you change the timestamp format ISO8601. Please see examples in screenshot below. 

3. Drag and drop your file and click "Confirm"

  • Important Note: Only click "Confirm" once, then wait 5 minutes or so and you will then see the Registrant and Influenced numbers increase respectively. 

Note: If you receive the following error message when you upload your file, split your file into a few separate .csv files and upload each individually.Screen_Shot_2019-02-20_at_12.01.59_PM.png