How many invites can I send through InGo?

Is there a maximum limit of invites I can send?

Answer: Yes and no. Each network has different API limits that we have to adhere to in order to ensure that our social media apps, on each of the networks, stay in good standing.

  • Linkedin lets you send up to 100 messages in a 24 hour period. Depending on how individualized each message is. For example, If a user sends 10 messages that include 10 people each, then Linkedin treats this as 10 messages, but together, that is a total of 100 people being invited. Basically, if the InGo app sees that you have selected more than one person, you will presented with the option to i) send individually, or to ii) batch them and start/send a group message to the individuals you have selected (again, more than one.) 

    But, if each message is to only 1 person, then a user can only send 10 individual messages. This is per Advocate (social-users). Anything beyond that, and it is queued for the following day. To further clarify, if a user selects one (1) contact, and clicks “send,” that is one (1) message. Repeating this process for 9 additional times, the user would have hit the total amount of messages for that day.

  • Facebook does not have a limit on the number of “tagged posts” (which is an "Invite" in InGo terminology). The Facebook friend gets notified on multiple channels, web, email (if they have email notifications turned on), on the Facebook app (if they have it) and their notifications on their phone (again, if applicable). 

  • Twitter does have a limit of 1000 direct messages per day. Remember, direct messages are only available to a Twitter user IF a you follow someone, AND, they follow you back. Direct messages are essentially private messages. In InGo's terminology, we term these as "Invites" on the InGo dashboard. (Link)