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How are InGo Acquisitions tracked?

An Acquisition is defined as the following:

Acquisition - This is defined as:

  • Any user (social or non-social) who gets to your Confirmation Page (where the InGo Authorizer Widget is embedded), AND
  • Who is in the network of the Advocate who posted on their own (Advocate's network), OR
  • Who was sent a personal invite and then registered successfully

How are you sure about this?

  • InGo posts and invites record timestamps of user activity.
  • If a user then successfully registers after this post or invite occurs, we will term them a successfully influenced person to attend this event.

How do you know who these people are?

  • When a registrant becomes social, they are termed an Advocate.
  • This Advocate, through using our Social Media App (InGo) when they register, gives us the permission to see their friend/contact list.
  • We then encrypt this information and reference this Advocate's list to see if anyone in their first degree network (direct contacts), has successfully registered after they have either posted or sent an invite.

Ok, I'm starting to get this... can you explain more please?

  • Acquisitions are termed this way as they were successfully influenced by an Advocate in some way, whether this was through a Post or a Personal Invite (direct message on social media).
  • Acquisitions can be either a Manual/Regular Registrant (a non-social registrant) or an Advocate (someone who registers via a social network).

InGo only has access to the 1st degree network of an Advocate. So if an Advocate registers, posts on his/her network and then one of his/her 1st degree connections registers for your event, InGo will count this new registrant as an Acquisition, attributed to the Advocate who did the posting. 

The links in InGo posts and invites allow us to track what we call "Click Acquisitions." Click Acquisitions are people that clicked on the link in an Advocate's post or invite, and then registered for your event.