What Do the Permissions on the Activator (Formerly Login Widget) Actually Do?

When using InGo, at first glance you will see a title, some sub-header text and social network call to action buttons (CTAs). This widget is known as the Activator Widget. This widget has two permission checkboxes to help the user know what InGo is going to do for them to allow them to explore their friends attending the event, see who else is going and invite their friends and colleagues to join them at the event.

First Permission: Let my network know I'm attending the event.

  • Typically this permission says "Let my network know I'm attending the event."
  • This text is 100% customizable but we do recommend you keep it short and sweet.
  • This permission will post on the user's social network 1 time if and only if they reach the Confirmation / Thank you / Receipt page of the event.
  • This post/tweet/status update is immensely helpful in driving social-awareness for the brand. I engenders that user's network to see and know what he or she is doing.
  • The message that appears is typically along the lines of "I just registered for EVENTNAME! You should join me on Event Dates for the best event in EVENT INDUSTRY, click here <InGo unique URL>."


Second Permission: Make me visible to other attendees.

  • This permission to "Make me visible to other attendees" displays you in the Amplifier Widget's "Who's-In" tab.
  • It's a fun, interactive way to explore who else is attending the event
  • You can also filter by your chosen social network to see who of your friends and contacts you are connected with are also attending the event.



So Why Does InGo Need All These Permissions?

  • InGo has to comply with all of the social network's app permission settings so we must display the permission screens necessary on that particular social network. That's job number one really.
  • InGo's value is in it's ability to make it easy for you to invite your network to join you at the event and to make it easy to share your excitement for the event.
  • That is why we need the permissions, to have your permission to send a message to your contacts (you have to select and click "send" of course ;-) )

Thanks for taking the time to read this article. We hope you enjoy using InGo.