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In The Advocate Report, I See Users Who Have Authorized Multiple Social Networks, How Does InGo Merge Users and Manage Duplicate Data?

InGo will match and merge people based on the same email. People can and often do used different emails for various social networks. On Linkedin for example, someone may use a more professional "work" related email to log in. On Facebook,it may be different and the person may be using a separate more personal "non-work" related email.
Merging Data Records - Preventing Duplicate Entry and Duplicate  Acquisitions
To solidify data integrity, when we have an InGo user who logs into a different social media account with the same email address we have a "confirmation" screen shown to the user to present an option to merge the user records.
See below:
  • This is a social user so they definitely have a photo -- which is something they would recognize
  • We display their name
  • We display their title
  • And a confirmation button to say "yes, that is me" or "no"
  • If yes, we merge the user, if no, we create a new one

This is dependent on the user and if he or she sees their profile photo, they should recognize it.
Nothing is 100 % fool proof but the likelihood is low that this setup can cause a suspect amount of duplicate entries.
Net New Attendees
Whenever we get into the discussions about "net-new" it's always a back and forth so there is some natural reconciliation of the data, whether manual or not.
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