How to Reset Your InGo Password

Having trouble accessing your account? When all else fails you may need to reset your password.

Like most modern login mechanisms, InGo requires a secure login password. To do this we recommend a combination of upper and lower cased characters, numbers and even special characters. You can enter anything so long as it meets the requirements.

Steps To Reset Your Password

  1. Click on "Forgot my password"
  2. Enter your exact email (no spaces) that you had previously access the InGo Dashboard with
  3. Check your inbox for an email from In some cases, the automated email can take up to 5 minutes. 
  4. Click on the button indicating you want to reset your password -- this button contains a unique token that will only work for the next 24 hours. Please reset your password within this time-frame.
  5. Follow the steps outlined on the screen to re-set your password.

Sample Email You Will Receive

Warning Signs For Your Password's Strength

  • You may see a "warning sign" in orange that your password might not be secure enough - this will appear at the end of the input field
  • You may also see other signs that indicate your password may need to be fortified with some additional characters
  • When you're done entering your password, and you've entered it correctly twice, you will see a "checkmark" that your password is OK and ready to be re-set.
  • Click on the button to save your new password and you will be logged into your dashboard on the next screen.

Do You See a Red X? This Means Your Password IS NOT Strong enough. 

If you see a red x in the first input field, your initial password is not strong enough. Yes, you may still get a green checkbox, indicating the passwords match, but it is not strong enough of a password to pass the strength test.


Steps to Correct Your New Password

  1. Enter at least 1 upper case word and a set of numbers
  2. Ensure your passwords match
  3. When they match you will see a green checkbox
  4. If you see a orange triangle as a "warning" sign, it simply means the password is not as strong as it should but as long as you match your passwords, you will be OK.
  5. Click "Set Password" and you will now be able to use your new password.

Need To See How To Reset Your Password? Watch Here.