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How Social Contacts are Ranked for Invites

When your user signs in and authorizes InGo to access his or her social network, InGo can present these social contacts back to that user for invitation. But simply displaying them in any random order just won't do. InGo ranks them.

How do we do this? 
Based on the data you provide as "keywords" for your event and based on "network saturation." The keyword algorithm require that you assign the right set of keywords to your event. 


NOTE: Available only on Linkedin and Twitter, Not Facebook.

Armed with the keywords you assign to your show, InGo measures the entire universe of social contacts that your attendees are collectively connected to, against your keywords. Using the data available to us from the social network, InGo finds the most likely matches to your keywords and ranks those social contacts highest.

Network Saturation

InGo cross-references contacts between networks of those who registered socially to obtain a list of "high-value targets" for invites. Essentially a contact that exists in more than one registrant's network is more likely to have interests that fit with the theme of the event. The more networks a person is in, the more likely that person is to be a good fit for the event. InGo calculates this "network saturation" value and uses is to rank your contacts as well.

Pre-Selection for Invites

When a user visits the "Invites" page, their social contacts are sorted so that the highest ranking contacts are listed first and then incrementally listed in that order down the list. The fist 6 of these most highly ranked contacts are pre-selected for the user, ready to invite.


So remember, ADD KEYWORDS to your event.  It's critical to maximize the InGo effect on your event.

Happy Advocating!