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Need Aquisitions Report With Email?

If you need the Acquisition Report with email addresses, ask a developer through a ticket.  Developer will run the following SQL to get you what you need:


select * from (   select initcap(coalesce(nullif(rd.first_name, ''), nullif(a.attendeefirstname, ''), u.firstname, '')) as first_name,
             initcap(coalesce(nullif(rd.last_name, ''), nullif(a.attendeelastname, ''), u.lastname, '')) as last_name,
             initcap(coalesce(nullif(rd.email, ''), nullif(a.email, ''), u.email, '')) as email,
             initcap(coalesce(nullif(a.display_name, ''))) as display_name,
             coalesce(a.picture, u.picture_url) as picture,
             coalesce(a.company_name, u.company_name) as company_name,
             coalesce(a.title, u.company_position) as company_position,
             null advocate_count,
             case when rd.clicked_impression_sender_id is not null
                  then initcap(csender.firstname) || ' ' || initcap(csender.lastname)
                  else initcap(isender.firstname) || ' ' || initcap(isender.lastname)
             end successful_advocate
        from registration_data rd
       inner join attendee a
          on a.id = rd.attendee_id
        left join users u on u.id = a.user_c
        left join users isender on isender.id = rd.last_impression_sender_id
        left join users csender on csender.id = rd.clicked_impression_sender_id
       where rd.conference_id = ? and rd.growth > 'None' ) insql
order by first_name, last_name


NOTE: This is for developer and internal use ONLY.