What browsers do the widgets support (officially)?

We make every attempt we can to ensure that our widgets run ubiquitously and seamlessly on a variety of browsers with a variety of web technologies. However officially we can't support everything or we'd never be able to deliver features you need. Below is a list of the browsers we currently "officially" support. Other browsers may work. You should also make sure that you've properly implemented a fail-safe when deploying our widgets. There's an article for that!

InGo supports the last two version of the "evergreen" browsers, Safari, Internet Explorer (Edge), Firefox and Chrome.

Officially Supported Browsers:


  • IE11 (Win7 and Win10 only)
  • Last 2 versions of 'evergreen' browsers (Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, Edge etc), this is browser that support auto update
  • MacOS Safari and iOS Safari supported only Apple supported version, older versions is on best effort
  • Android stock browser: > 4.4
  • Firefox LTS version

Additional Browser Requirements


Our widgets use only ES5 standard, if site has any code that modify browser environment (like Prototype.js) widgets are not supposed to work at all. 

Site should be defined <!DOCTYPE> (ideally <!DOCTYPE html>) this way browser uses standard rendering mode.