What is a Trusted Impression?

InGo generates Trusted Impressions when a socially signed in user posts to his or her wall/timeline/status update and also when he or she sends a personal invite to a contact in their network(s).

The aggregate sum of Trusted Impressions reported in your InGo Dashboard is the total amount of socially authorized users who have:

  • Socially authorized users who opted to post to his or her network(s)
  • + the number of invites sent
  • = Total Trusted Impressions

Definition of Trusted Impression
“Trusted impressions" are generated when an Advocate posts to his personal network a message that is viewable by his friends/connections.  Even if the Advocate’s settings are set to “Public”, a trusted impression is only calculated by that Advocates in-network friends/connections.

Screenshots of Trusted Impressions on Networks

Web Interface Notification on Facebook

Personal Tag on Facebook

Mobile Linkedin Notification, Personal Invite

This is dependent on the following conditions:

  • The user must have the Linkedin App
  • The user must have notifications turned on
  • This type of notification is the same for all networks and all other apps, for example, if users have the Twitter App and the Facebook App, we will also generate the same type of notification.

Trusted Impressions via Email, Twitter Example


Trusted Impressions via Email, Linkedin Example