Personal Invitation Messages, Best Practices

Utilizing InGo's powerful algorithm to socially search and invite the most relevant attendees to your event is a flagship feature of our product. Since we have a mashup of often times at least three social networks, in order to make branding and messaging consistent, InGo Best Practices suggests the following type of messages for the Personal Invite text.

InGo can vary the message per social network channel, so keep that in mind when submitting your information to InGo's Getting Started Form.

Personal Invitations, Definitions

  • InGo uses the term "Personal Invitation" to signify a message from 1 social contact to another social contact in that user's direct network.
  • Since we utilize multiple social networks, the term becomes a little bit ambiguous.
  • See the examples below for the "personal invitation messages" on each network.

Facebook Personal Invitation Message = Tagged Post

  • Facebook as of May 2015, turned off access to third part applications to send direct message to its members from outside of it's website/application. Basically, if you were not on, Facebook mobile or it's applications, you could no longer send a direct message.
  • An invitation sent from the InGo Amplifier Widget, when the user is logged in on Facebook, is a Facebook tagged post.
  • This has many benefits and actually enhances the InGo experience since it alerts the user on multiple channels: on the website via it's notifications mechanism, on the user's application if they have it

Best Practices Summary

  • Keep it short and sweet!
  • Be sure to integrate your Event Name in the Subject line.
  • Consider inserting the dates into your Subject line as well.
  • Keeping a consistent call to action that is personal, e.g. "Join me..." or "I'm attending and you should also..." etc.,  using language that is slightly casual and roughly in the tone of voice you would consider a "friend-like" conversation to occur in.


  • <User Name> = this is the person in InGo's system who sent the Personal Invite.
  • <Invitee Name> = this is the person in InGo's system who receives the Personal Invite.
  • <Event Name> = this is the name of your event as it appears in InGo + on Social Networks.
  • <Event Dates> = these are the start and end dates associated with your event in DD/MM/YY format.
  • <Event URL> = this is the encoded InGo URL which links to your destination URL. The URL is encoded so InGo can track and record on clicks attributed to each particular person.

General Sample Personal Invite Text

  • "Hi <Invitee Name>, I'm going to <Event Name> on <Event Dates>, click here to join me <Event URL>.
  • "Join me at <Event Name> here: <Event URL>, I'll be there on <Event Dates>.

Example Personal "Letter" Type Style

  • "I'm going to <Event Name> on <Event Dates>, the best event in <your industry>, click here <Event Name>. - <User Name>
  • "Dear <Invitee Name>, I'm attending <Event Name> on <Event Dates>. Join me! <Event URL>


Personal Invite Notifications and Examplations