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Using InGo in Multiple Languages? Read Here on How to Add Language Parameters to your InGo Installation

Do you need to add one of InGo's supported language to your integration? It's as simple as adding our " data-ingo-lang="lang_param" to the <script> only method. InGo supports the following languages:
InGo's Available Language Params


Language Params Apply to the Following InGo Widgets

  • Activator Widget - for what language to display
  • Amplifer Widget - for what language to display
  • Authorizer Widget - for what language to send the post/invite in

InGo is in English by default. This language parameter only works for the visible widgets, the Activator and the Amplifier. Just append this data-ingo-lang parameter to your script and you'll be able to toggle the other languages.

Example Codes to add to 1.) Activator Widget and 2.) Amplifier Widget 3.) and Authorizer Widgets.

Simply modify the language parameter with the support language parameter from above. The examples below are for French for the Activator, Amplifier and Authorizer Widgets. Note that they are  nearly identical with the  exception of the unique ID for either a Activator, Amplifier or Authorizer Widget.
1.) Activator Widget (Formerly Login), French Language Example
<script src="https://cdn.ingo.me/widgets-loader/latest/js/ingo.loader.widget.js" data-ingo-lang="fr" data-ingo-id="YOUR_ACTIVATOR_WIDGET_ID_HERE"></script>
2.) Amplifier Widget (Formerly Social), French Language Example
<script src="https://cdn.ingo.me/widgets-loader/latest/js/ingo.loader.widget.js" data-ingo-lang="fr" data-ingo-id="YOUR_AMPLIFIER_WIDGET_ID_HERE"></script>
3.) Authorizer Widget (Formally Confirmation), French Language Example
<script src="https://cdn.ingo.me/widgets-loader/latest/js/ingo.loader.widget.js data-ingo-lang="fr" data-ingo-id="YOUR_AUTHORIZER_WIDGET_HERE"