Why Use Our Widgets?

InGo empowers attendees to be Advocates for your event who create larger, more social, and more valuable events through a series of organizer customized widgets that include:

  • Activator Widget to accelerate registration and spread excitement about the event; the first opportunity for leaders to be empowered.
  • Autofiller Widget to autofill information based on the users social network.
  • Authorizer Widget to confirm an attendee has completed registration and post to his network.
  • Amplifier Widget to encourage more adoption by allowing leaders to see who is attending, or encouraging leaders to invite their key contacts.

1.) Activator Widget - Visible

Place on the start of your Registration in between the Body tags. This allows your attendees to register socially for your event. Think about the social data, the demographic data and the ability to allow your most excited and valuable attendees become co-marketers for your event. Forget advertising and think advocating. That is the power InGo instills in your attendees for you as a Show/Event Organizer or Marketing Director. What's powering your event?

Code Snippet

<script async src="//cdn.ingo.me/widgets-loader/0.9.0/js/ingo.loader.widget.js" data-ingo-id="5YXQP1WV0FBIXB5PC0PGOFFJQCMLLW"></script>

2.) Autofiller Widget - Invisible

Place on the page 2 of your registration, in between the Body tags, this auto-fills information from the user's social network, or the manual fields from our Activator Widget.

Code Snippet

<script async src="//cdn.ingo.me/widgets-loader/0.9.0/js/ingo.loader.widget.js" data-ingo-id="RBT3YICO3QPUJ5FIASO0F5B5HIGKRK"></script>

3.) Amplifier Widget - Visible

Place on the confirmation page of your registration, in between the Body tags, this displays our Amplifier Widget. This is how your attendees can interact with others who have also registered or opted to be included in this feature. Often times referred to as our "Who's - In" widget, this allows your event to be immediately social and adds that different dynamic to your event's website. InGo best practices recommends that after around 20-30 attendees have opted to be included in this feature, to then utilize this widget on other parts of your website to gain greater adoption. Exhibitors can search and invite their colleagues and customers, searching by name, title or company. Try it out!

Code Snippet

<script async src="//cdn.ingo.me/widgets-loader/0.9.0/js/ingo.loader.widget.js" data-ingo-id="ZRXEDJXRNFPSI3IZ5420JHNCMMRM2W"></script>

4.) Authorizer Widget - Invisible

Place on the confirmation page of your registration, in between the Body tags, this confirms the user in our reporting Admin and posts on the user's network if they have left the option "Let my network know I'm attending" checked. This ensures the user has been brought all the way through your process and registration flow and is a confirmed registrant.

Code Snippet

<script async src="//cdn.ingo.me/widgets-loader/0.9.0/js/ingo.loader.widget.js" data-ingo-id="SUDNMNEGXNUXBFRHXXSD14AFV5Y1Z5"></script>