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Social Email Only Option

InGo offers its clients a "Social Email Only" option that utilizes our technology to incentivize your potential registrants to log-in socially and advocate for your event.
Assuming that the email platform can URL-encode a link, all that you would need to do to allow users to also authorize a social network would be turn the user-specific link http://platform.domain/u?id=returningUserId into the social auth link https://ingo.me/{social-network}/auth?nextUrl=http://platform.domain/u%3Fid=returningUserId and things would just work
The email's layout could be as simple as the following sample:
"Click below to pre-populate your registration for this year and see who else in your network is attending:

Pre-fill with Facebook (link) | Pre-fill with Twitter (link) | Pre-fill with LinkedIn (link)

Don't want to see who else is attending? Register Here."
Thank you for reading this article. Please contact us with any questions.