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Install InGo on EventsAir

App Setup

Navigate to the Online tab in the event you would like to make use of this feature. Once there, click the Add App button on the left-hand side and select the InGo Integration App.




In the main screen of the portal settings, ensure you set an open/close time for the app in the App Live From section.


App Settings

Under the Content section in the portal setup there are some settings to configure for the portal to work correctly. 


  • Landing Page Heading. The heading to be shown on the confirmation page.
  • Landing Page Content. The HTML body to be shown above the InGo social widget.
  • Widget code. The HTML component where you can insert both the “Confirmation” and “Social” widget code provided by InGo. 

On the details tab of the portal, find the link with the label Redirect User After Site Completion and choose the “Copy Url” option on the right-hand side to copy the link to your clipboard. 

Open your registration form, and navigate to the Thank You component and open its settings using the Cog icon. Add the Link Button component from the left-hand side and open its settings. In the Link URL section, paste the URL from your clipboard, and then tick the Append contact ID to URL option.


Back in the Details tab of your interactive site setup, navigate to the SEO section and locate the field that is called “Analytics code for page view”. Copy and paste the below code into this section.

<script type="text/javascript">

$(document).ajaxSuccess(function(event, xhr, settings) {
 if (settings.url.substr(-6) == "Submit") {
     setTimeout(function() {
       var thankYouPage = $('[value="NextGen.Online.Components.Client.ThankYou.ThankYouComponent"]').parents('div[data-page]');
       thankYouPage.css('display', 'none');
       thankYouPage.prev().css('display', 'block');
       var destination = $('a[data-append-contact-id]').attr('href');
       window.location = destination;
     }, 1);

Configuring InGo Widgets

There are specific configuration options that are required for each of the widgets to ensure that they function correctly with EventsAIR.

In the InGo event dashboard, navigate into the Widget settings, and create 1 of each type of widget (if you have not already).


Login Widget

Click the edit button on the Login Widget to navigate into its settings. The settings and their required values are as below:


URL for registrations: This should be the link of your interactive site, appended with the text “?disable-login-widget-popup=true”. For example: https://test.eventsair.com/event-name/site-name/Site/Register?disable-login-widget-popup=true



Run Widget as a Dialog: True

Auto Open Dialog: True

Disable Auto Open Dialog: disable-login-widget-popup=true

Close Dialog Upon Manual Registration: True

Perform Social Authentication in Popup: True


Registration Widget

Click the edit button on the Registration Widget to navigate into its settings. The settings and their required values are as below:

Selector for user first name: [name=”FirstName”]

Selector for user last name: [name=”LastName”]

Selector for user email: [name=”EmailAddress”]

Selector for user’s company position: [name=”Position”]

Selector for user’s company name: [name=”Organization”]


  1. Generating InGo Widget Codes for use in EventsAIR

Once the widgets have been configured, use the Generate section of InGo to generate the code for each respective widget. As an example, this is how they should appear. Note that the string of characters below will change as these are configured specifically for your event, do not copy these exact codes below, they are simply for reference.


<script src="https://cdn.ingo.me/widgets/C1A99A0C2F5C427B97BADE40A9883C6E.js"></script>



<script src="https://cdn.ingo.me/widgets/D0B1A3D8AD5847C29DCB0A8F5FD95DCD.js"></script>



<script src="https://cdn.ingo.me/widgets/6438BB9876E449B0A2FE16B44AEE3EA6.js"></script>


<script src="https://cdn.ingo.me/widgets/F212F60F94824C26A5471989CDA19B76.js" 

Adding generated code to EventsAIR

In EventsAIR, navigate to your registration site and view the Details -> SEO tab. This is the same section as seen in Step 2 where the code was added previously.

Copy both the “Login” widget and the “Registration” widget code (as shown above) into the “Analytics code for page view” section. Once complete, it should look as per the below screenshot.


In EventsAIR, navigate to the portal that was created in step 2, and navigate to the Content tab. Open the HTML editor for “Widget Code”, and paste in both the “Confirmation” and “Social” widgets’ code into the “Code View” section. This can be seen by clicking the middle icon in the bottom left of the HTML editor.


Note that for the “Confirmation” code to work correctly, we must replace some of the values provided in the generated code so that they prefill with data from EventsAIR.

EventsAIR provides a set of merge codes, which will be automatically replaced in this script section with the data of the contact. These fields are:


Replace the data in the widget code so that the new merge codes are in place of the old data, so that it looks as per the below:

<script src="https://cdn.ingo.me/widgets/F212F60F94824C26A5471989CDA19B76.js"

<script src="https://cdn.ingo.me/widgets/6438BB9876E449B0A2FE16B44AEE3EA6.js"></script>

Once copied, the screen should look as per the below.


Example Usage

If the installation was a success, when you load the interactive site you will be prompted with a popup asking you to complete a social sign on. If the user clicks the “or click here to register with email” option, then the popup will close and they can register as normal. If the user chooses a social option, they will be redirected to a sign in page, after which their data will be prefilled on the interactive site.


Once the site has been completed, the user will be shown the social widget on the confirmation page, showing the user any connections also attending, and prompting the user to invite contacts via email or social media.



Testing InGo on Your Event

Once all has been set up, be sure to test your event setup and contact support@ingo.me if you encounter any issues that you cannot resolve independently.