Network Notification FAQs


What is an InGo notification?
It is an email to the Advocate (InGo user) based on certain activity they complete (register for your event) or do not complete (invite not yet accepted). Our first set of these include notifications based on specific attendee user activity and what is occurring or not occurring in the Registrant user’s network around your event.

What kind of notifications do you have?
Currently we have two sets of notifications, but three total currently.

  • Exhibitor Notification

  • Registrant Notification

    • Under Registrant Notifications, we have a Social Summary notification which is (as you guessed it ;-) ) a summary of the user’s social activity about them and their network.

What is the Exhibitor Notification?
It notifies the users who are marked in our system as “exhibitors” of who in their network is attending the event, 10 days out, four days out and then one final time, two days out from the event start day.

Can I see an example of these types of emails?
Yes, please visit either for Exhibitor emails, for the Registrant Notification emails.

What is a Registrant Notification?
This is an email notification to the InGo user (user who authorizes the InGo app via one of the available networks, Facebook, Linkedin, Xing or Twitter) of activity in their network relating to the event. For example, the Registrant Notification offers the same functionality as the Exhibitor Notification, but it only does it for Registrants who are social (currently) and who are confirmed they are going to the event. We notify them of who in their network is also attending, 10 days out from the start date of the event, four days out and then once again in one final email notification two days from the event start date.

Why are you doing this?
We believe events are better together and ultimately experiences as a whole are far better together. To further this belief, we are providing this type of highly valuable notification to the Registrant which will allow them to enjoy and experience your event better. Whenever we are going to an event, we want to know two things… “who’s going to be there” and “who’s going to lead us?” Answering that first question is critical and now, your attendee will be able to better experience your event knowing they have someone who they directly know (through their network) who is also going. It’s an immediate ice breaker and event enhancer. We hope you enjoy it!

Can I opt of of this process?
Only Registrants can opt of of the process currently. This feature will be turned on for all events from Dec 15, 2016 and users can unsubscribe to any updates they receive by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email.

Can I as an Event Organizer opt of of this?
Yes, you can turn off notifications for your events but we DO NOT RECOMMEND this. Events perform better when there are more touch points to enhance and engage Registrants to advocate on your behalf for your event. 

When does this notification system go into effect?
Any newly created event from Dec 15, 2016 will have this notification engine turned on. Anything prior to that event creation date will not have any notification engine turned on.

How does an event get created?
Good question, basically, as soon as you complete our getting started form or you create an event from our API (if you’re a partner of course). When this event creation occurs, the date is written into the database. If this date is after Dec 15, 2016, the event will have this notification turned on. If it’s prior to this date, it will not be turned on.

Are you adding any future notifications?
Yes, we are actively developing more enhancements around our notification engines and adopting best practices we have seen around notifications from multiple industries.

Where can I give you feedback?
We love reading customer feedback! Please send any directing to “” or complete this survey here around notifications, Exhibitor Notification Feedback, Registrant Notification Feedback.