Registrant Notifications

Did your attendees ever want to know who in their network was attending an event with them? Well, now they can. Your Registrants will be a far happier bunch considering they won't be going-it-alone any longer.

How Does It Work?

Notifications are triggered on Advocate activity. That activity currently includes the following conditions:

  • When your potential attendees register for your event on an InGo-powered event (through the Activator widget), he or she becomes an "Advocate" in InGo terminology
  • If this Advocate leaves the second permission checked on (it's on by default), then the InGo Notification server has permission to send that Advocate an email notification.
  • When this Advocate has someone in their network also register, then the Advocate will receive an email notification displaying to the Advocate, who in their network is attending with them.

Who Do the Notifications Go To?

  • Email Notifications go to the Advocate who has signed up to i) receive notifications AND ii) has been confirmed by the Authorizer Widget (making it to confirmation page where the Authorizer Widget lives).

What System Configurations (On the InGo side) Must Be Met So Notifications Go Out?

  • Event must be in LIVE mode -- this is only currently configurable by an InGo Admin
  • The Activator Widget must have the permission to "notify" turned on and available for Advocates to select (confirm) or de-select (deny) the notification permission

When Do Notifications Start To Send?

  • Advocates who meet the below conditions will get their first Notification starting at 90 days before the event start date configured for your event.

How Often Do These Notifications Get Sent?

Notifications will go out every day at 8 AM EST for Advocates that meet below conditions.

  • Advocate must have given InGo permission to send email to them ("Notify me when my contacts register")
  • Notifications go out every two weeks until unsubscribe or event-start date,  (This means two weeks from when the Advocate first successfully registered will the Advocate receive the first Who's Going With You Notification and only if the Advocate has at least 1 other person in his/her network going as well)
  • Advocate must have at least one (1) other Advocate confirmed in their network going
  • Schedule changes from 14 days from the start date, to 10 days out, 4 days out and finally with the last email at 2 days out.
  • Notifications will run on all days (yes, including weekends) 


Updated May 16, 2017