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Customize Widgets Through Code Parameters


InGo Code Parameters

When setting up an event on InGo, the Widgets almost always need to be customized. Some customizations may be:

  • The header text needs to be changed
  • The manual registration link needs to be turned into a button
  • The Autofill Widget needs to be mapped
  • The color of the manual button needs to be changed

The following links contain all of the available parameters necessary to edit the InGo Widgets (languages included).

How to interpret the information in the parameter repositories in order to customize your Widgets.

  • Look for the “name” of the parameter.
  • Whatever is in-between the ‘brackets’ below the name is what you call the parameter within the code snippet.
  • Upper letters split by "-" and keywords split by "."
  • You must first add data-ingo- before the name of the parameter
  • Interpreting the parameters and other examples:

Mapping the Autofiller:


Changing the text of the manual registration button: data-ingo-texts-en-label.button.register=”Register Without Social”

Removing the Invites tab from the Amplifier Widget:


Full Example:

<!--EVENTNAME Autofiller--> 
<script src="https://cdn.ingo.me/widgets-loader/1.4.4/js/ingo.loader.widget.js" data-ingo-id="INSERT_AUTOFILLER_WIDGET_ID_HERE"